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The name Aspen Dale is believed to have originated with a grove of East Coast Aspen trees (often referred to as 'big tooth aspen') that could be found on the property.  We are still researching the beginnings of the name, but can with certainty state that it was in use during the Civil War. In 1914 the farm appears by that name on a Fauquier County map.

Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn is home to three Miniatures, two thoroughbreds, one quarter horse as well as Nubian goats. Mother Nature provides countless other wild friends who enjoy our fields, pond, wetlands and habitat. You are encouraged to amble with your glass of wine  and visit all our animal friends!

.photo courtesy of Alan Meagher 
photo by Rick Dunnuck
photo by Rick Dunnuck
photo by Amy Bolvari
Need to take a deep breath and regroup?  A slow afternoon, a bottle of wine, a dear friend.  All these elements come together at Aspen Dale, where we welcome you to linger and remember what is important.