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Now serving:
 Rockawalkin'  2015
Velvety and smooth, here is the dinner wine that will carry through a full, elgant meal: begin with bruschetta, continue with  a salad, move to filet mignon, end with a cheesecake, and this wine will pair beautifully with each course.  Savory or sweet, Rock will serve as the ribbon to tie your feast together! 

Now serving:
Smokehouse Red
Rich, robust and ready to pair with your favorite items off the grill, this vintage of Smokehouse carries hints of pepper and a touch of smoke.  

Now serving:
 Sarah's Chapeau 2017

Delicate and light,  this lovely semi-sweet table white is perfect with soft creamy cheeses, wild rice dishes, lobster, crab ~ 

Now serving: 
Shiplap Chardonnay
Our totally dry white, it is lightly oaked.  This vintage encapsulates all the  wonder of summer in a bottle!

Now serving:
 Mary Madeleine's  Rosé  2017
Our one-of-a-kind rosé displays hints of cherry and strawberry- perfect with an array of cheeses! Also wonderful as a contrast to spicy dishes.   

Winefarmers with a passion for the land and its history... come share the experience.
Here are a few awards: 
Best Cab Sav and Sav Blanc -  Eastern Seaboard Competition 
Sarah's Chapeau, Best of Show - Mid Atlantic Competition
Parris Country Blend, Gold -Va. Competition
 Come see why these wonderful wines are all award winners! Swept The Finger Lakes Competition! 
Rockawalkin' and Hildersham medaled in the Riverside International competition in California.  

Now serving:
Bridgetown Red 2016
A Bordeaux-style blend perfect for your favorite Italian dishes, soft on tanins, full-bodied enough for a pork roast with fruit glaze.