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Now serving:
 Rockawalkin'  2012
Velvety and smooth, here is the dinner wine that will carry through a full, elgant meal: begin with bruschetta, continue with  a salad, move to filet mignon, end with a cheesecake, and this wine will pair beautifully with each course.  Savory or sweet, Rock will serve as the ribbon to tie your feast together! 

Now serving:
Parris Country Blend
Rich but light, with 
notes of blackberry jam and a hint of bacon - oh and meringue too.  
A sweet earthiness 
and plum complement its smooth finish. 

Now serving:
 Sarah's Chapeau 

Delicate and light, with a hint of pineapple, this lovely semi-sweet table white is perfect with soft creamy cheeses, wild rice dishes, lobster, crab ~ 

Now serving: 
Shiplap Chardonnay 2013 
Crisp, full-flavored and totally dry, this 100 percent varietal is perfect with chicken cacciatori or a Virginia Ham. Named for an historic structure on our farm on which the shiplap siding technique was employed, it was inhabited up until around 1960.  Agriculture, history, architecture and viticulture continue to meld at Aspen Dale !

Now serving:
 Mary Madeleine's  Rosé  2013  
A very unique Rosé with raspberry tones. Gentle sweetness makes this the perfect wine to contrast with spicy dishes.   

Winefarmers with a passion for the land and its history... come share the experience.
Here are a few awards: 
Best Cab Sav and Sav Blanc -  Eastern Seaboard Competition 
Sarah's Chapeau, Best of Show - Mid Atlantic Competition
Parris Country Blend, Gold -Va. Competition
 Come see why these wonderful wines are all award winners! Swept The Finger Lakes Competition! 
Rockawalkin' and Hildersham medaled in the Riverside International competition in California.  
We are so pleased.

Now serving:
Bridgetown Red 2009
A Bordeaux-style blend perfect for your favorite Italian dishes, soft on tanins, full-bodied enough for a pork roast with fruit glaze.