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 Estate Field Blend 2010
Silk in a bottle. Created from a single pick, crush, fermentation and bottling, the grapes are all from our Estate. Gorgeous with a rack of lamb, finished with a chocolate soufflé.  

Smokehouse Red
Rich, robust and ready to pair with your favorite items off the grill, this vintage of Smokehouse is 100% Petit Verdot and  carries hints of pepper as well as a touch of smoke.  


 E.B.'s White

A delicate off dry table white , it is perfect with soft creamy cheeses, wild rice dishes, lobster, crab ~ 

North Lawn Viognier
Our totally dry white, crisp and light.  This vintage encapsulates all the  wonder of summer in a bottle!

 Mary Madeleine's  Rosé  2017
Our one-of-a-kind rosé displays hints of cherry and strawberry- perfect with an array of cheeses! Also wonderful as a contrast to spicy dishes.   

Winefarmers with a passion for the land and its history... come share the experience.
Here are a few awards: 
Best Cab Sav and Sav Blanc -  Eastern Seaboard Competition 
Sarah's Chapeau, Best of Show - Mid Atlantic Competition
Parris Country Blend, Gold -Va. Competition
 Come see why these wonderful wines are all award winners! Swept The Finger Lakes Competition! 
Rockawalkin' and Hildersham medaled in the Riverside International competition in California.  

Estate Field Blend 
This light red blends 4 varieties.Perfect for your favorite Italian dishes. 
Our current line up of wines. We also offer a bubbly sweet cider, and our famous Maria Sangria!