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.Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn was founded in 2009, when visitors were first welcomed to the elegant yet relaxed atmosphere of our converted 200 year-old barn. Due to the growth in number of visitors, we now serve both in the barn, and have expanded our experience to include celebrations and group tastings in our 18th century Manor House.   

The winery sits on an historic 50 acre property in the heart of Virginia horse country.  Corn cribs, a silo, and a smoke house are but just a few of the hallmarks that speak of the agricultural  facets in Aspen Dale's past.  
Come enjoy a day at Aspen Dale in Fauquier County.  Stroll through grounds where you and your family might meet up with one of our Miniatures.  Climb the hill up to the vineyard with glass in hand, or just enjoy it from your gazebo seat near the winery.  Nothing beats a day with family, friends and fantastic wine in the country!      


This sketch is courtesy of Sam Higgins, a very talented young artist.  She quickly and easily captured the essence of one of our Buff Orpington roosters.  Teddy and Deputy can be heard crowing near the winery.  Thank you, Sam, for sharing your gift!
Photo by Beth Planert
Photo by Greg Carr